About My Busy Book

Hello everyone and welcome to our website!

My name is Sergej Trifonov, and I am the founder of My Busy Book and the creator of all the unique games you’ll find inside this felt book. It surprises a lot of people to learn that a man created these beautiful books but I wanted to design something that would fascinate and delight children while also building essential mental skills. And thus, My Busy Book was born! If you’re wondering how I came up with the idea of My Busy Book – I simply felt inspired after watching Youtube videos about handmade toys and games. My wife and I loved the concept of these games, so I decided to make my own version. I had so many game ideas that it just made sense to collect them all into activity books!


Coming up with the game ideas was the easy part – actually creating them took a lot more work. Since I’d never worked in a field like this, I had to start from the very beginning. In addition to designing the games, I had to think about every little aspect that would go into making these books, such as:

● The technology and specifications required to physically make the books.
● How each game would create healthy mental challenges for the kids.
● How these books could keep children occupied for more than just a few minutes.

And I’m really proud of the products we ended up with! These books are unique and differ from others in several aspects:

First – their fast production! A lot of time can go into the creation of each and every book, but we managed to find the right approach to the process, and made the production of this fabric book much more efficient. Our production process is so efficient that My Busy Book can be assembled much faster than all the competitors’ books. This means you’ll receive your product in record time.

Second – the high quality of our products! Each felt book is handmade and of premium quality. Our felt is made using a special technology, as well as a specially derived formula from the Far East. We also care deeply about the environment and the health of your children, so we only use Eco Polyester and allergen-free felt in our products.

Third – the books’ versatility! With these games, you can change the course of action at almost every point, to create your own story and outcome. This means the game is not just for one-time play. Children can play it in different ways, many times over, and always with a new story. Different games can also be played by combining more than one version of My Busy Book. These games are not boring and monotonous because every time they’re played they’ll be completely different than the last time!

In addition to these three main reasons why My Busy Book stands out, here are some facts about these books that you’ll want to know:

• My Busy Book is safe for kids and all the materials that we used to create it are allergen free.
• Each game can be played in different ways by rearranging and changing the details of the games, which challenges your child in a healthy way.
• There are about 100 removable parts in the book.
• The book is made of soft material that is pleasant to the touch.
• Kids can play solo, with friends, and can even combine different play books!
• Visually stunning colors will keep your kids fascinated for hours.
• This toy book helps to develop many qualities in your little ones, such as fine motor skills, attentiveness, logic, memory, color perception, and many other necessary qualities.

Busy books (more commonly known as quiet books) help in enhancing motor skills in both toddlers and babies through a range of little things they offer. They help your kids to be quietly engaged in some exciting and busy activity hence the name. Each game is focused on involving some new skill. Pasting, snipping, matching up and fixing are such things that busy books offer that create neural connections in their little brains.

My Busy Book helps your kids become better with their cognitive skills instead of dragging down their appetite to learn and explore, unlike other media outlets. Children are kept engaged while they learn colors, pretend play, sort, and count, learn shapes, work on their excellent motor skills, pair and match, and explore different materials and textures. Each page of these felt books is laced with particular activity to do, or an ability to work on that will keep your child intrigued. They are fun, unique, and a true keepsake. They are not only easy to carry, store, and the best part is they are environmentally friendly as well. They are great to travel with, as they will keep the kids occupied in a wholesome way while they learn valuable skills. They will also learn to play independently, which will give you plenty of time to do your things.

This kind of activity books is appropriate for children of all ages. It is mainly catered for toddlers and kids between the age group of 2-6 when children are the most curious and active to learn new things. Imagine how kids can learn to solve puzzles, tell time, unbutton different snaps, learning to button, working with zippers, and tying shoelaces all while turning the pages of a soft book. Our quiet books are focused around independence, sensory perception, vocabulary, aiming for a target, logic, and reasoning, imaginative role-play, focus, concentration, excellent motor skills, and strengthen hand dexterity.

My Busy Book is the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their children occupied in a healthy way, rather than just turning on the mobiles/TV or video games. These games allow children to have fun while developing skills, and allow parents to enjoy some free time! I’m absolutely sure that both you and your kids will be satisfied with these activity books.

Thank you for your interest in My Busy Book!

Sergej Trifonov