Busy books got their name from the fact that they keep kids busy in creative activities when their parents are occupied elsewhere. The books are exceptionally handy in public places where you need to keep kids quiet like a church or trains. These books are made up of delicate cloth and soft materials to keep kids safe from any physical injury. They are easy to travel with and promise fun each time your kid opens them. The books are made in such a way that with slight changes you can create a new game every time. So, it can barely happen that your kid will get bored playing the same game again and again. If your kids have a habit of sticking their nose into everything, Airport Busy Book is what you should gift them.

Aim of the game

One of the most popular and interesting busy books available in the market is the airport themed. It challenges kids to use their logical thinking and problem solving skills. The game involves finding the culprit in an airport for which he has to remain on his toes to find the next clue. They will remain curious and involved in the game for a long time. Thus, the game will directly improve their creativity, analytical capacity and fine motor skills to a huge extent.

How to play the game

  • The aim of the game is to find the bad guy amongst passengers who is carrying illegal things in his/her bag. Help kids to pack the bags of each passenger.
  • Jumble the stuffs of all bags without letting your kids know. Some of the bags might include certain prohibited items.
  • The host carrying the dangerous object is the culprit. The culprits can be more than one. But first, kids should learn what prohibited items are.
  • The passenger luggage will be sorted out by the child to separate the innocent ones who have nothing but personal belongings in their bags.
  • The child will be excited to help the police officer in locating the criminal. Let the inner detective of your child awaken and help in sprucing up their analogical and derivation skills.

Figures included:

The game box will include the followings:
Glasses x1, Jaw x1, Cane x1, Knife x1, Pen x1, Suit x1, Tie x1, Shoes x1, Dress x1, Crossbow x1, Nail Polish x1, Tambourine x1, Tam-Tam x1, Compass x1, Fishing Rod x1, Gun x1, Hat x1, Jamaican Hat x1, Portraits x5.

Airport game is available in these quiet books:

Busy books like the airport game-themed will help to boost your child’s imagination and have fun time playing themselves. It will also give you opportunity to spend time with your kids as well. There is also a provision to have custom made busy books catered to your child’s specific requirements with 4, 6 or 8 games.
Don’t make your kid wait until next batch arrives. Buy before the current batch stocks out!



Help the confused police officer in locating the real culprit. Don’t let the criminal get aboard the plane with the rest of the innocent passengers.
Each luggage has three things that correspond to each other. For example for a man’s luggage there will be a man’s suit, tie and spectacles.
To make the game even more interesting and confusing for the little ones, change the portraits on the luggage. They will be confused and will try to figure out whose bag is that.
Prohibited items inserted one at a time will make the kid wonder whose bag it could be. As the children would have packed the bag themselves they will try to figure out in which bag the item has been misplaced.
Find the culprit and win the game. Airports will be safe again thanks to your kid!
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