This Busy book will help your kids to remain intrigued and focus at one task at a time. It will keep them busy even when their friends are not around. They will learn about matching and color identification. They will try to identify different shapes and match them to their right order. They will also learn the right usage of zippers, buckles, buttons and snaps. The sorting and matching activities will keep them busy for hours and they will not get bored. They will also learn new words, spelling and counting. With each new game they will explore new ideas and things.

Object of the game

The ant’s themed busy books are quite baffling with their array of anthills and mazes. But this will keep the kids busy in figuring out the right direction. The father ant has to find the baby ant. He is hiding behind tokens and has to be reached going through a maze. There are also several tokens with pictures of objects that need to be matched with cards beneath the book. The main objective of the game is to teach the kid compassion and responsibility. They will learn that how parents are worried about their kids when they think they are in trouble. They will try to solve the problem by finding the right way. They will also try to join the clues together and finally reach the key to unlock the door where the bay ant has been hiding all along.

How to play the game?

  • Starting from the top of the book the aim is to unite the ant- father with his baby.
  • The kids have to find their way through complicated and long ways in the anthill maze.
  • There are six pictures beneath the book. Here the ants can be seen going through different activities
  • At each of the junction of the maze six tokens of objects are put as hurdles
  • Only after matching the object with the respective activity the player can move forward
  • Finally at the end the golden key can be found that will lead to the door where the bay is hiding

Figures included:

Ant Chip (rounded) x1 , Situations Chip (rounded) x6, Situations Cards (squared) x6.

Ants game is available in these quiet books:

The busy books are also available in custom made books that contain 4, 6 and 8 books of your choice. They are fun way to keep your kids busy while you can spare some time for yourself.

Gift this game to your kids and take their creativity to another level.



There are two interesting games in this one book. There are also twenty seven removable items in each book. Some of them are hidden and have to be found.
Each chip can be matched with the corresponding activity card. The chips can be jumbled to keep the game freshly challenging.
The book is made up of only high quality material due to which it is strong and cannot be torn easily.
The book is illustrated in attractive and colorful manners with many hidden cards.
The book is inspiring and interacting. Help the father ant reunite with his child and have fun while doing so as well.
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