Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea

Whether you are a working parent or you want something for your kids to be engaged with while you take care of other chores, busy books are your most sensible answer. They are designed to keep the children intrigued and focused all the while teaching them essential life skills. Each page is designed with games that are interactive and will kick off your child’s curiosity so that instead of getting bored, they would try to engage in it more and more. The books can carry several books and can be changed from time to time with slide modification so that the child can find a new challenge every time.

Aim of the game

The Deep blue Sea game is designed to improve the child’s motor skills. The children get used to different sea animals and learn their names and identify them. Kids will get acquainted with different types of patterns and sequences. They will learn about different colors and textures. They will enjoy the game because there are little animals involved that have to be united with their parents. They have to arrange and redirect as well as play noughties/ Tic tac toe, which will keep them thoroughly engaged.

How to play the game

  • There are younger animals arranged all over the ocean-themed blue book. The adults are placed at the corners with pockets
  • There The player has to pick the young ones by putting the string through the holes of their respective tokens
  • The player has to match the young ones to their adults, collect them in strings and put them in their parents’ pockets respectively
  • Then later they can use these tokens of young sea animals to play Noughtas/ Tic tac toe and make combinations to win the game

Figures included:

Shark kids x5, Octopus kids x5, Turtle kids x5, Tic-Tac-Toe pod x1.

Deep Blue Sea game is available in these quiet books:

Busy books will keep your kids engaged no matter where you take them. The busy books like the deep seawater themed ones are attractive and can be conveniently carried to essential places like weddings or travels to distract your kids healthily. There is also a provision to have custom made busy book catered to your child’s specific requirements with 4, 6, or 8 games.



Deep Blue Sea
There are two pads to play two games altogether in the game. First to find the animals and second to play tic-tac-toe.
Deep Blue Sea
It is perfect for testing the motor skills of the kids as they have to find the runaway kids and return them to their parents.
Deep Blue Sea
There are fifteen runaway kids in the game designed in fanciful ways and attractive colors that can be used to play all sorts of games provided by the book.
Deep Blue Sea
The mother octopus is looking for her kids as are all the parents, but they are confused by seeing all them together.
Deep Blue Sea
There are so many details in this game that kids can easily spend hours playing and won’t know. It’s enjoyable as well as provides a practical learning ground for kids.
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