Gnome Village

Gnomes Village

If you want your kids to be detached from the distraction of social media and electronic gadgets, then busy books are your answer. At a very young age, we are making the mistake of exposing our kids to the ill side effects of the electronic games. They not only make the kids lazy and obese but also diminish their creativity. The virtual world sometimes subdues their curiosity and makes them more irritable and anxious. Busy books are on contrary old school yet will only boost your child’s mental development by its fun and interactive games.

Aim of the Game

The game is designed in a very interactive way. The adult or host has to help the child in finding the gnomes that are hidden in their shoe house in the right order. The host has to shuffle and change the position of the gnomes. The kids will be faced with the challenge of finding the gnomes in their right place and the proper order. This will help your kids develop a sense of color and pattern. They will also be more attentive and conscious of the changes happening. It will also help them to make their memory power sharper. They will learn to coordinate different situation and places and try to align their thought processes to get the right result.

How to Play

  • There are tokens of gnomes places on the upper half of the book.
  • There is a shoe house with three floors. There are three storm shutters, and behind them, the gnomes are hiding. These are the same gnomes as on the tokens.
  • The storm shutters are used by the help of laces to shuffle the position of the gnomes.
  • The player has to remember which Gnome is present on which floor and in which position.
  • They have to use the tokens to show the host the right place and order of the gnomes present in the shoe house.
  • If they show the correct order, then they win, and there can be multiple combinations that can be created to make the game more challenging each time.

Figures included:

Portraits chip x6, Strips x3.

Gnome Village game is available in these quiet books:

Help your kids learn all the while they are having fun playing. The games will quench their curiosity in the most wholesome way possible. So what are you waiting for! Get the Gnome themed busy book today! There is also a provision to have custom made busy book catered to your child’s specific requirements with 4, 6, or 8 games.



Dwarf Village
There are three pairs of gnomes present in the shoe house. The gnomes are wearing different color outfits, and instead of hat they are wearing floor buds on their head.
Dwarf Village
Either end of the lace can be pulled to see what kind of change in the position of the gnomes occur.
Dwarf Village
At the right side, there is a special packet with exciting things in it from us!
Dwarf Village
This game will keep the kid curious and engaged because of the changes that will occur by just pulling the lace. The kids will find it magical.
Dwarf Village
The unusual-looking house in the village of the gnomes will instantly be an attractive game to be enjoyed by the kids and their parents as well.
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