Market Place

Market Place

Busy books have many developmental advantages for your kids. They will get to develop many learning skills by playing with busy books like mathematical numbers and counting, creative skills, recognizing colors, matching and sorting, knowing about geometrical shapes and spellings. They will also learn about many practical skills and improve their fine motor skills. They will use and evolve in their logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Aim of the Game

This game is designed in such a way that the kids can learn practical skills from it. They will learn the ongoing in a market place. They will know about the various dealing that adults have to go through daily. They will get acquainted with different kinds of produce and learn to pronounce their names. They can later identify them with real things and thus increase their knowledge about their surroundings. They will learn about the value of money and the cost of different food items. They will also have knowledge about budgeting and that they cannot spend on whatever they like whenever they can. They will also learn to choose the right product for themselves as per their usage. They will develop their arithmetic skills as they deal with money and ask for change. Their attentiveness and memory will also be challenged. Their logical thinking will grow as they get a perception of the different shapes and qualities of the objects.

How to play

  • Twelve baskets are arranged in three lines. The baskets are filled with produce that you can find in the supermarket or farmers market
  • Each basket has its price written on it as per the quantity that needed to be taken
  • The purchase can be made using the coins provided
  • The player has to match the price according to the produce he is taking
  • To calculate the total amount that has to be paid for the food and their price has to be counted as well
  • The kids will learn to choose what to take, what’s important and what they can forgo for the time being
  • The payment can be made with the coins provided, and if they are out of the coins then notes of the higher denomination are provided
  • The player has to remember to take the right change after they have paid the adequate amount
  • They will check the change; put the produce in the cart and coins in the bag before they check out.

Figures included:

Coin1 x3, Coin2 x3, Coin3 x3, Strawberry x2, Pear x2, Apple x2, Banana x2, Carrot x2, Tomatoes x2, Cucumber x2 , Eggplant x2, Pumpkin x1, Watermelon x1, Cabbage x1, Melon x1.

Market Place game is available in these quiet books:

Busy books themed on market places will teach your kids many essential life lessons that will help them throughout their lives. They will learn arithmetic skills, public interactions in market places, budgeting, and also organizing products. So get your market themed busy book today! There is also a provision to have custom made busy book catered to your child’s specific requirements with 4, 6, or 8 games.



Market Place
Let your child do the shopping this time! Add food and vegetables into the basket, pay bills, and collect the change – a fun way to learn mathematics.
Market Place
Oh no! Can you see the mouse? Yes, the mouse is about to steal strawberries while the cat is sleeping in the shade.
Market Place
Juicy strawberries! Ripe watermelons! Shop fresh fruits and vegetables at the best price! Bargain, Buy and put change in to the moving basket.
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