Panda Clock

Panda Clock

Various Cognitive behavioral experiments suggest that interactive learning activities like busy books are great for kids, especially for kids of age group in between 1 to 5. These interactive books not only provide entertainment but also teach a lot. It is an ideal replacement to today’s mobile addiction amongst young kids as they experience a unique charm every time they spend time with the activities prescribed.

They help to improve the cognitive abilities of kids from their early age. Also, parents can have a good reason to spend time with their kids through the quite book while making them learn new skills like solving puzzles, arranging numbers and learning new words at the same time.

At My Busy Book, we develop similar creativity-triggering games and Panda Clock is one of that. Let’s see what it has to offer to your kid.

Objective of the Game

Panda clock game is a fascinating activity book. In this book, kids are encouraged to help the main character that is, the Panda, with his daily activities and responsibilities on time. The kids will remain amused due to the fun and quirky character, all the while learning disciplinary skills. The kids are encouraged to help the character in these busy books reach places and do things at the right time, and correct order, or they will lose the game.

Hence, they will learn the value of following the rules and also enhance their logical thinking. Development of attentiveness and determination to finish something once started are essential life skills. This game helps kids to realize that and makes it a habit for them that they embody in long run. The competition in the activity book also helps kids to read the clock as the main character has to be maintained to go through the day from morning till night.

How to play the game

  • The game starts by setting the time. The time must be set to the starting of the day. Corresponding to it, daily activities like waking up, breakfast, school, etc. are lined up.
  • Set the time according to which you would want your child to learn the habits. For example, the Panda wakes up at 8’o clock in the morning and then brushes its teeth, etc.
  • The use of gaming objects likes the Panda’s bowl of breakfast, bags; study materials are all provided that can be tucked under its paws
  • As per the schedule, the objects can be placed on Panda’s forelegs, gaming field, on the cloud or in the pocket.
  • For example, if it’s time to eat breakfast of panda, the kid needs to place the objects provided such as tea cup and bowl of oat flakes on panda’s forelegs.
  • You can help the kids to set the time and provide the right things for each situation
  • By helping the Panda go on with its daily routine, like having its meals on time, playing, studying and getting ready for the bed, kids will feel self-motivated to structure their habits in similar time-bound manner.

Figures included:

The game box will include the followings: Case x1, Big Ball x1, Note x1, Tooth Brash x1, Arrow Small x1, Arrow Big x1, Dumbbell x1, Banana x1, Glass Juice x1, Roller x1, Towel x1, Tea Cup x1, Cereals x1, Pillow x1.

Panda Clock game is available in these quiet books:

There is also a provision to have custom made busy books catered to your child’s specific requirements.

If you want to spend more time with your kids all the while teaching them something important, then quite books are your best bet. They are economical, easy to access, and also environmentally friendly.

Order them today and surprise your kid to the fullest!



Panda Clock
To maintain the routine of panda as per the rules, the time on the clock needs to be set first. The kid then needs to shortlist correct items to justify panda’s actions throughout the day. And the fun game of getting the panda through its day begins!
Panda Clock
The sleep time is signified artfully by a polar bear. He is sitting on the moon while fishing the stars with a fishing rod.
Panda Clock
The book has a background of storks. They are delivering babies to their parents punctually.
Panda Clock
The paws of the panda are used to hold a school bag, towel, a ball or even large objects.
Panda Clock
The child learns daily good habits by helping the little panda go through his daily routine works on time.
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