For kids, electronic gadgets are powerful tools of distraction but they are equally harmful in the longrun. On the other hand, plastic toys are not so useful these days either as kids get eventually tired of them or demand more. However, Busy books are incredibly useful to keep kids engaged for a long time and with the added bonus of their brain development. They get creative and sharpen knowledge along with their fine motor skills. Best part is that they learn to play independently and enjoy it at the same time. Here is one of our finest creation in Busy Book – Pizza Game.

Object of the game

The Pizza busy book is a fun and interactive way to teach kids about food products. They will learn about different ingredients and their usage. Children at this stage especially between 2- 8 years of age learn to develop their own tastes and can be quite stubborn and wasteful of food at times. By making them involved with food preparation techniques during playtime you can make them learn about the effort that goes into making a delicious meal. They will also be acquainted with different kinds of ingredients and will learn how to pronounce them. They will also learn to relate the toy vegetable and food items with the real ones.

How to play the game?

  • The rule of this pizza busy book is pretty simple. The kids just have to use different ingredients and food items to prepare a delicious pizza
  • They can choose their own ingredients and can create a new masterpiece each time.
  • Make them acquainted with the process for the first time and then encourage them to use their imagination thereafter.
  • The different kinds of ingredients given will be quite beneficial not only to boost their creativity to make different combinations but also keep them engaged for longer

Figures included:

Pizza slices x6, Olives x3, Green leafs x7, Shrimps x3, Ham x3, Pepperoni x3 , Tomatoes x3.

Pizza game is available in these quiet books:

These kinds of busy books will definitely help your little chefs to bring out their hidden cooking talent! The busy books are also available in custom made books that contain 4,6 and 8 books of your choice.

Let the little master chef rise with this game!



There are six removable pizza slices. Each slice is decorated with popular pizza toppings.
All the ingredients meant to be used can be stored at the open pockets.
There is a variety of ingredients to choose from. The kids can use up to 20 pizza ingredients to top their pizza.
There is a market place where fresh produce is available all the time. The pizza itself is decorated with wholesome and attractive toppings.
The quality of the game will give you a realistic experience of a proper pizzeria
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