Busy books are a logical choice for those parents and grandparents who want their children to be engaged in activities that will not only be fun but also boost their creativity and imagination. The busy books are made of fabrics, so they are entirely safe for the kids and are biodegradable hence eco- friendly. They can be customized and chosen accordingly to fit the child’s developmental stage. It is the best alternative to electronic games that have been distracting kids nowadays and also have a negative impact on their mental health. A busy book is interactive and entertaining all the while teaching your kids the values that you would want them to include in their lives.

Aim of the game

Almost every little girl out there wants to be a part of a princess themed fantasy. And busy books that are inspired by the princess fantasies are a great way to keep the kids engaged. Princess-Themed busy books are created to enhance the creativity of the child. The kids can learn to expand their imagination and taste in style. The book encourages the players to dress the princess in various outfits for every occasion. The child will learn how to choose outfits that would be appropriate for every occasion and also learn the importance of balance and coordination of clothes to appear presentable. By making the characters get ready for their respective outings, they will also have an idea about how to dress and be independent in preparing themselves for different occasions.

How to play the game

  • There is a large wardrobe of clothes appropriate for every occasion for both the princess and her sister
  • The princess and her sister need to change outfits for outings as well as their day to day life and other activities
  • The players can help them transform and mix and match different outfits that would best suit their purpose
  • The princess and her companion often visit the prince who resides in his castle
  • So they have to look pretty for a visit, and the kids will have a wonderful time getting the princess ready and looking pretty for meeting the prince
  • They have to go in a carriage ride; hence, the outfit must be taken care of correctly while sitting and getting out of the vehicle. Children will learn about the right posture and how to best carry their look and outfits in public places while handling the characters

Figures included:

Dresses x6, Bow-knot x2, Princess x2.

Princess game is available in these quiet books:

Busy books are something that allows you to share time with your kids. Even if you are working, you can be assured that they are playing with something that is teaching them something useful. There is also a provision to have custom made busy book catered to your child’s specific requirements with 4, 6, or 8 games.



There is a beautiful carriage just for the princess and her company to take them on a journey to meet the prince at his castle. The carriage is beautifully decorated and is comfortable to have a smooth ride.
There is a big wardrobe filled with all sorts of outfits for the princess and her company to change into for different occasions.
The prince whom the princess has to visit has a beautiful castle with gorgeous surrounding to have a tea party and go for walks. There are also gardens and stables with horses for the ride as well.
Under the haystack, there are many interesting characters including two mice.
The prince is eagerly awaiting for his princess to arrive.
There are six removable dresses for the princess and her companion. The player can change them into any robes they want.
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