6 Games for Boys

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This set of games, although titled as for boys, can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. The games collected in this book are arranged in such an exciting manner that kids wouldn’t like to leave them unfinished. As there are multiple games in the book, they will barely get bored. The games can be played in any order and whenever they feel like playing.

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They are made up of fabrics, so they are easy to carry around and hence very convenient for parents. The parents can take the books with them to places they wouldn’t want their kids to be distracted like airports, travels, or in any waiting room. In short, these games can be quietly engaging and useful at the same time!

Games included in the book

Let’s see what these games have to offer to your kids.

There is one set of games through which children will learn about different food ingredients and their usage. They will also learn about the pronunciation of different ingredients as well as know which component should and shouldn’t be combined which will directly improve their imagination and analytical skills. The games will also make them learn disciplinary skills. They will learn about the usage of different items for different purposes. They will learn what the most appropriate thing to do is and when.

Another set of games will teach kids will about bargaining skills and handling money that will eventually help them in real life. They will identify the different kinds of food items in real life and know how to pronounce them. They will also be able to practice their arithmetic skills as they collect change after paying the bill. They will learn to correlate the patterns and colors that are changing and will learn to identify the correct order of things.

What’s more? These games will also improve your kid’s memory power and imagination. Kids will learn important sensory skills and know the virtues of helpfulness and compassions while helping the character reach their destination to their family. The game challenges the minds of the kids to identify and take the right decision.
The kids will learn to sharpen their analytical capacity, creativity, and fine motor skills. They will have to utilize their logical thinking to derive at the right decision. The parents will also get to spend time with their kids as they help to set the game and confuse the kids in identifying the real culprit.

This version of My Busy Book consists of aims at improving the following in a kid:

  • Disciplinary skills and determination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sense of responsibility and helpfulness
  • Qualities and textures of objects
  • Perception of shapes and sizes
  • Tic-Tac-Toe game skills
  • Logical thinking and analysis
  • Memory building and recollecting
  • Sensory skills

This set of busy books will allow you to spend more time with your kids in a healthy, interactive, fun, and productive way that will leave your kids with better knowledge and you with better memories. We also offer a custom version of this book that can include 3 to 9 games of your choice. To make the book even more unique, we can even customize the book with any text or your baby’s name printed on it. It would be printed on a white cloud to make it more appealing with around seven color options to choose for the front page.

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 33 cm
Figures included per game

Panda Clock: Case x1, Big Ball x1, Note x1, Tooth Brash x1, Arrow Small x1, Arrow Big x1, Dumbbell x1, Banana x1, Glass Juice x1, Roller x1, Towel x1, Tea Cup x1, Cereals x1, Pillow x1

Market: Coin1 x3, Coin2 x3, Coin3 x3, Strawberry x2, Pear x2, Apple x2, Banana x2, Carrot x2, Tomatoes x2, Cucumber x2 , Eggplant x2, Pumpkin x1, Watermelon x1, Cabbage x1, Melon x1

Ants: Ant Chip (rounded) x1 , Situations Chip (rounded) x6, Situations Cards (squared) x6

Airport: Glasses x1, Jaw x1, Cane x1, Knife x1, Pen x1, Suit x1, Tie x1, Shoes x1, Dress x1, Crossbow x1, Nail Polish x1, Tambourine x1, Tam-Tam x1, Compass x1, Fishing Rod x1, Gun x1, Hat x1, Jamaican Hat x1, Portraits x5

Dwarf Village: Portraits chip x6, Strips x3

Pizza: Pizza slices x6, Olives x3, Green leafs x7, Shrimps x3, Ham x3, Pepperoni x3 , Tomatoes x3

2 reviews for 6 Games for Boys

  1. Jose Maria Unata

    Thank you very much for the book. There is so many advantages: motor skills, adaptation, socialization, communicative properties. In general, do not count all. I can only dream that at least one copy of the book as a charitable help would go to children’s institutions for children left without parental care. Thanks again for the wonderful, necessary and useful, entertaining and developing book.

  2. Kathleen Gallagher

    Wonderful book !!! Quality is top notch. Very nice to touch. Bright and colorful. We’re waiting your books for our little ones!

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