8 Games for Boys

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Busy books are an innovative and engaging way to keep the kids busy while fueling their creativity at the same time. Busy books are made up of soft handmade fabrics – hence they are safe for the kids to play with. The books are made in such a way that they can be reused for a long period of time even with regular use. Apart from the durability, it can also be modified from time to time so that kids don’t get bored playing with the same game again and again. This busy book consists of 8 different games with varying complexities depending upon the age of the child it has been bought for. The busy books are quite an exciting gift for kids, especially within the age group of 2 to 6 years because it is the age when they are most curious and often loose attention easily. Gifting something like a busy book will not only give them an enjoyable playing experience but also help them improve their cognizance and common sense. The games that are included in our this particular section for boys are-

  • Airport
  • Ants
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Gnomes Village
  • Market Place
  • Panda Clock
  • Pizza
  • Zoo

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Busy books have quite a lot of advantages over traditional board games. First of all, the child has minimal chances of getting bored and getting tired of it. The books are designed to assemble a number of games at a time so the parents can be assured that their children will spend a lot of time with it before demanding something new. Its value for money as with slight changes the same games can be modified to present different sort of challenges for the child to solve. The busy books are also designed in an attractive format so that the children would want to be involved in playing with it. The games in question are designed as per the age and requirements of the kids. Each book has been carefully crafted to offer some new knowledge or enhance a particular set of skills in the player. The best thing about the game is the parents will get to enjoy their spare time without worrying that their kids could be involved in some mischief. The books will teach the kids important life lessons in a playful and fun way that could be best appreciated and grasped by children of that age.

This version of My Busy Book consists of aims at improving the following in a kid:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe game skills
  • Logical thinking and analysis
  • Memory building and recollecting
  • Sensory skills
  • Attentiveness and effective planning
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Disciplinary skills and determination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sense of responsibility and helpfulness
  • Sense of colors and patterns
  • Care for others and right decision making
  • Knowledge of animal and plant kingdom
  • Qualities and textures of objects
  • Perception of shapes and sizes

We understand that every child is unique and would love to feel one of a kind sometimes. Especially on special occasions if a gift is being given the anticipation and acknowledgment of owning something specifically designed for them will enthrall them to no extent. So our customers can order a custom version of My Busy Book including 3 to 9 games of their choice, with their text/baby name printed on the white cloud and seven color options to choose for the front page. For us every child is special and so should his playthings be. Customize the busy books as per the fancy of your child and surprise them with the best gift they could have from you to play with.

Read more about included games:

You can order a custom version of My Busy Book including: 3 to 9 games of your choice, your text/baby name printed on the white cloud and 7 color options to choose for the front page.

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 30 cm
Figures included per game

Panda Clock: Case x1, Big Ball x1, Note x1, Tooth Brash x1, Arrow Small x1, Arrow Big x1, Dumbbell x1, Banana x1, Glass Juice x1, Roller x1, Towel x1, Tea Cup x1, Cereals x1, Pillow x1

Market: Coin1 x3, Coin2 x3, Coin3 x3, Strawberry x2, Pear x2, Apple x2, Banana x2, Carrot x2, Tomatoes x2, Cucumber x2 , Eggplant x2, Pumpkin x1, Watermelon x1, Cabbage x1, Melon x1

Ants: Ant Chip (rounded) x1 , Situations Chip (rounded) x6, Situations Cards (squared) x6

Airport: Glasses x1, Jaw x1, Cane x1, Knife x1, Pen x1, Suit x1, Tie x1, Shoes x1, Dress x1, Crossbow x1, Nail Polish x1, Tambourine x1, Tam-Tam x1, Compass x1, Fishing Rod x1, Gun x1, Hat x1, Jamaican Hat x1, Portraits x5

Dwarf Village: Portraits chip x6, Strips x3

Deep Blue Sea: Shark kids x5, Octopus kids x5, Turtle kids x5, Tic-Tac-Toe pod x1

Zoo: Animal Cubs Chip (rounded) x6, Kids Chip (squared) x1, Zoo Keeper Miguel x1, Animals Chip (rounded, small) x4

Pizza: Pizza slices x6, Olives x3, Green leafs x7, Shrimps x3, Ham x3, Pepperoni x3 , Tomatoes x3

4 reviews for 8 Games for Boys

  1. Mandy Murphy Carroll

    I can’t believe! The fact that this is a great book for a child is! What is good for parents it is an opportunity to rest in silence for an hour – it’s really worth it! Interesting, exciting, interesting and sooooo beautiful! Thanks!:)

  2. Sara Clark

    All good.Thanks

  3. Ksenia Dzova

    I ordered 3 books for boys with 8 games each. I liked the books very much: bright, interesting, excellent quality. Especially I want to say thank you for responsiveness and interest to the client, you have exceeded all expectations! The best gift for a child you can imagine. My daughter (8 years old) when she saw the books she was also delighted, although she’s older than boys.

  4. Ines Campero

    Super book !! I liked it very much. You can choose its content!)) that’s Great!

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