Fauna 4 Games Edition

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This series of My Busy Books is specifically designed to cater to the needs of mental development of little kids. The children between the age group of 2-6 years are learning to engage in activities like searching and finding that enhances their fine motor skills. This game book is designed to feed into the curiosity of the kids all the while teaching them essential life skills.

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The four games book is a time saving and value for money book that can be gifted to the kids to keep them engaged for a long time. It is an efficient alternative for parents who need spare time for themselves all the while teaching the kids what they need to learn. The games are attractive, fun, and illustrated and enjoyably. The book itself is made up of soft fabrics that your child is safe to play with.

Games present in this book

The objective of this game is to make the kids acquainted with different species of animals. They will also learn to associate them with the real ones hence enhancing their memory and identification skills. They will have to learn about the right decision making that will lead them on the correct path. They will also get the value of learning from their mistakes. Kids will get to know about different types of animals in the water world. They will learn about compassion and helping others. They have to unite the small ones of the sea creatures with their parents that will teach them responsibility. These games will also teach them the value of responsibility and discipline. The main character of the book needs help to go through its daily rituals. As the kids help it to do the right activity at the right time, it will also imbibe better habits in them.

This version of My Busy Book consists of aims at improving the following in a kid:

  • Sensory skills
  • Logical thinking and analysis
  • Care for others and right decision making
  • Knowledge of animal and plant kingdom
  • Qualities and textures of objects
  • Attentiveness and effective planning
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Disciplinary skills and determination
  • Fine motor skills

Kids will be amused by the characters in the game which are designed to entice the kids to play with them. They will know how to recollect what they have learned and apply it in the real world. As they learn about finding the right path to unite the kids with their concerned parents, they will test their logical thinking and instill a sense of helpfulness in themselves. They will also learn to be associated with different kinds of patterns and textures. The kids will attain the skills to play the noughties / Tic tac toe. The various designs and colors in the book are sure to keep their attention in one place. They will know which work is appropriate to be done at what time. Their understanding of time’s importance and good practices will also solidify.

This version of My Busy Books is a complete package that will keep your kids engaged in a thoughtful and educative manner. We also offer a custom version of this book that can include 3 to 9 games of your choice. To make the book even more unique, we can even customize the book with any text or your baby’s name printed on it. It would be printed on a white cloud to make it more appealing with around seven color options to choose for the front page.

Additional information

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions30 × 29.5 × 6 cm
Figures included per game

Ants: Ant Chip (rounded) x1 , Situations Chip (rounded) x6, Situations Cards (squared) x6

Deep Blue Sea: Shark kids x5, Octopus kids x5, Turtle kids x5, Tic-Tac-Toe pod x1

Dwarf Village: Portraits chip x6, Strips x3

Zoo: Animal Cubs Chip (rounded) x6, Kids Chip (squared) x1, Zoo Keeper Miguel x1, Animals Chip (rounded, small) x4

2 reviews for Fauna 4 Games Edition

  1. Amira Shaghafi

    I ordered this book as a gift. I liked everything! Excellent individual, and most importantly, an interesting gift for a child! I recommend to everyone! Thank you so much! And for the enclosed postcard especially !!!

  2. Mihaela Bozdog

    Great book! Soft, bright! In fact I didn’t understand where the small details was hidden, but everything was explained)) there were no problems with the order. Questions are answered quickly and polite! Thank you for the wonderful book!

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