4 Games for Girls

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My busy books are specifically designed to cater to the playtime and intellectual needs of children between the age group 2 to 6 years of age. The children in this age group are specifically very perceptive and are eager to learn new things. This books that have a compilation of four games in one is a perfect gifting option for your kids as well as the kids of your friends and relatives. The busy books are named as such for a reason. They keep the kids busy in productive activities that too they can do sitting at one place. By giving them this busy book to play with, they can easily spend hours while you can engage yourself in other activities.

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The type of games available

The types of games that are included in this book are not just appropriate for girls, but boys can enjoy them as well. The games are fun and interactive. The characters are attractive and will keep the kid’s attention for longer. In one game, the kids have to memorize the position of the characters in their places. The host has to shuffle the position and can also change the character to confuse the player.

They have to remember the placement and the name f the character and identify the specific position they are supposed to be in. Thus this will help the child to memorize and recollect individual facts and utilize it at the time of need. The zoo game is particularly interesting because the children can learn and be familiar with the names of different animals and also their little ones. They have to pass through different hurdles and confusing pathways to reunite the kids with their parents. Hence they will learn about the value of helpfulness and compassion. They will also learn how to find the best and convenient way to reach the destination and therefore sharpen their problem-solving skills.

The deep blue sea game similarly will let the kids be familiar with the aquatic animal’s names. They will know about the appearance and names of different kinds of marine animals and their small ones. They have to find and identify the small ones with their adult counterparts. They will also be familiar with different kinds of texture and even know that there are so many kinds of animals out there. They will also learn to identify them in practical life. The princess game will allow them to bring out their creativity as they dress the p[princess and her friend from their extensive wardrobe.

Skills that can be improved by these games are:

  • Determination and disciplinary skills
  • Sense of helpfulness and responsibility
  • Fine motor skills
  • Textures, shapes, and quality of objects
  • Perception of size and distance
  • Tic-tac-toe game skills
  • Analysis and logical thinking
  • Recollecting and memory building
  • Sensory skills
  • Knowledge of animals and market dealings

Our customized busy books might be the best thing that your child can have as a gift from you. It will include 3 to 9 games of your choice with the name of any text or your baby’s name printed on it. It would be published on a white cloud to make it more appealing with around seven color options to choose for the front page.

Additional information

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions30 × 29.5 × 6 cm
Figures included per game

Dwarf Village: Portraits chip x6, Strips x3

Zoo: Animal Cubs Chip (rounded) x6, Kids Chip (squared) x1, Zoo Keeper Miguel x1, Animals Chip (rounded, small) x4

Deep Blue Sea: Shark kids x5, Octopus kids x5, Turtle kids x5, Tic-Tac-Toe pod x1

Princess: Dresses x6, Bow-knot x2, Princess x2

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  1. Anna

    Super book !! I liked it very much. You can choose its content!)) that’s Great!

  2. Steve

    Great book! Soft, bright! In fact I didn’t understand where the small details was hidden, but everything was explained)) there were no problems with the order. Questions are answered quickly and polite! Thank you for the wonderful book!

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