8 Games for Girls

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My Busy Books also come in this deluxe edition of eight games in one book. It means that the kids get to play a variety of games in a single book and it’s also convenient for the parents to travel with. These busy books are great to carry around if the children are between the age group of 2 to 6 years. Kids of these years can be quite hard to manage during travels or going to public places as they can be quite impatient and curious about their environment. Hence, busy books are your best option as they are not only a distraction for the kids to spend time in one place but also they get to learn valuable skills. These games are designs to be educative as well as enjoyable at the same time.

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The different types of games available:

The kids will get the chance to learn about different kinds of animals and their little ones. They need to assist the zookeeper in finding the kids and unite them with their parents. In another game, the kids are supposed to go through a meandering pathway or maze to find their destination. They need to reunite the baby ant with its father at the same time, identify the different activities that are happening in the surrounding. Other games help kids to identify and be familiar with different kinds of sea creatures.

The agenda of the game is to reunite the little one with their parents, who are a bit confused to find their way back home. In another game the children have to find the right position of the gnomes in their shoe themed house. The player will face challenges like the placement can be shuffled to confuse. The innovative shoestring pulling shuffle movement will keep the kids engaged. The kids get to get an essence of how it is to shop and pay in the real world scenario.

The players can pick up products from the aisles and make a budget for whatever they need. It’s an appropriate game to brush up the culinary skills of the little ones. They will get to learn about the different kinds of ingredients and cooking techniques to create a dish. They have to pay and get the change in return. In this game, the kids have to help the main character in this game, which is a Panda to go through its daily rituals in time. The kids will have to assist the figure in reaching places and getting ready according to the upcoming event in an appropriate manner. It’s one of the favorite games among girls in which they get to dress the princess and her mate in different kinds of attire from a vast wardrobe. The players can help the princess dress appropriately for various activities during the day and also her meeting with the prince.

Skills that can be improved by these games are:

  • Determination and disciplinary skills
  • Sense of helpfulness and responsibility
  • Fine motor skills
  • Textures, shapes and quality of objects
  • Perception of size and distance
  • Tic-tac-toe game skills
  • Analysis and logical thinking
  • Recollecting and memory building
  • Sensory skills
  • Knowledge of animals and market dealings

My Busy Books, we understand that every child has unique needs and to acknowledge that you can order a custom version from us. It will include 3 to 9 games of your choice with the name of any text or your baby’s name printed on it. It would be printed on a white cloud to make it more appealing with around seven color options to choose for the front page.

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 30 cm
Figures included per game

Panda Clock: Case x1, Big Ball x1, Note x1, Tooth Brash x1, Arrow Small x1, Arrow Big x1, Dumbbell x1, Banana x1, Glass Juice x1, Roller x1, Towel x1, Tea Cup x1, Cereals x1, Pillow x1

Market: Coin1 x3, Coin2 x3, Coin3 x3, Strawberry x2, Pear x2, Apple x2, Banana x2, Carrot x2, Tomatoes x2, Cucumber x2 , Eggplant x2, Pumpkin x1, Watermelon x1, Cabbage x1, Melon x1

Ants: Ant Chip (rounded) x1 , Situations Chip (rounded) x6, Situations Cards (squared) x6

Dwarf Village: Portraits chip x6, Strips x3

Deep Blue Sea: Shark kids x5, Octopus kids x5, Turtle kids x5, Tic-Tac-Toe pod x1

Princess: Dresses x6, Bow-knot x2, Princess x2

Zoo: Animal Cubs Chip (rounded) x6, Kids Chip (squared) x1, Zoo Keeper Miguel x1, Animals Chip (rounded, small) x4

Pizza: Pizza slices x6, Olives x3, Green leafs x7, Shrimps x3, Ham x3, Pepperoni x3 , Tomatoes x3

2 reviews for 8 Games for Girls

  1. Lan Duncan

    Wonderful book for kids !! I really appreciate the design and quality of the work: pictures – bright, colorful, realistic;) quality is Great !! Soft pages, cutting parts, built-in pockets for small things – super, very convenient and high quality. We have the option with the maximum number of games. Daughters – 3, plays with interest. Thank you very much to the creators and inventors for their imagination and creative talent! Strongly recommended !!

  2. Natalie Venancio

    I really liked the book. It was made with high quality. The order was completed very quickly. Thank you very much!

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