The current digital world is certainly bad at creating emotional bonding between parents and their children unlike old times. In this regard, Quite books are the unique way to recreate the same magic again. For kids, it is fun to spend time with it while learning a lot of essential skills at the same time. It will help you to get some quality time with your kids without any digital device.

Busy books allow your kids to develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination in moving the pieces and cards around the board. It will also help them to identify colors, alphabets, and also count spaces. It will also sharpen your kids executive function skills like making right decisions, organizing, and planning.

At My Busy Book, we try to develop unique games that will address all the above-discussed essentials on a strong note. One of our masterworks is the Zoo game. Have a look to understand why it could be special for your kid.

The objective of the game

The main objective of the Zoo themed quite book is to teach kids about the various kinds of animals. They will learn to identify the animals with their name. They have to find the animals from their hidden places; hence, it will increase their attentiveness. Their memory will be sharpened as they will learn the cognition of animal kingdom.
They will also try to associate the names learned with animals they see physically around them. It’s a quiet book in a real sense because it will keep them calm and engaged at the same time. They solve puzzles to find ways to put baby animals back to their home.

How to play the Zoo Game

  • The tokens are provided with the pictures of the baby animals on them.
  • The kid has to find the best possible route to unite these baby animals with their parents. They are located in the crates across the book. There are zoo roads that are entangled to give the kids a bit of a challenge.
  • There is also a zookeeper called Miguel who can help to find the animals hiding behind the bushes.
  • Help your kids with finding the animals or tell them about the rules. Their curiosity will rise they will involve themselves deeply, and therefore will also overcome their short attention span issue.
  • Encourage the kids to determine the names of the animals and say it out aloud. This will help them with their vocabulary and pronunciation
  • The kids can also remember the name of bushes animals are hiding behind and will easily understand their shape and color.
  • There is also an additional ant game in this activity book. It is a fantastic way to help your child carefully think about getting through hurdles and reaching their aim.

Figures included:

The game includes -Animal Cubs Chip (rounded) x6, Kids Chip (squared) x1, ZooKeeper Miguel x1, Animals Chip (rounded, small) x4.

Zoo game is available in these quiet books:

There is also a provision to have custom made busy books catered to your child’s specific requirements.
Busy books like the zoo game-themed will help your kids to learn about teamwork and also cope with low attention span and boredom. With so many fascinating features and so much to learn these activity books is definitely a good investment.
Give your kid best the memories to cherish in future



This busy book gives two games in one! There is an ant colony with exciting characters that need help in reaching their destinations.
The Zoo animals need to have their babies back to them. Help animal kids reach their parents.
There are four different kinds of bushes and each one has a secret behind it. Won’t you find out what they are!
There are some naughty animals hiding behind the bushes. Quickly find them before they get away!
The kids can identify the zoo animals and call out their names while looking for them behind the bushes. Kids will have a wonderful time reuniting baby animals with their parents.
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